Nourishing Your Creativity

Writing is something I don't do enough of, but certain words or phrases have been connecting lately and has me thinking more about how to incorporate them into a weekly mantra to nourish my creativity.

Yesterday morning in yoga class, the instructor started off by talking about the word 'nourish' and how we use it in our practice. Not only on the mat, which was essential for me that day, but off the mat. 

We nourish ourselves with food, drink and rest to keep going day after day. But nourishing can also mean taking time for deep breathing when feeling overwhelmed or even unmotivated. Taking a walk outside and looking up at the sky. Giving some love to your pet or listening to music. Doing a headstand to change your perspective. All of these seemingly uncreative acts are actually giving your unconscious brain a moment to rest, and that's where inspiration hits.

Nourishment has been carving out time each day to create in my studio. I've noticed my mind actually has a 'release' after only 10-15 minutes of immersing into a drawing or color study. Afterwards, I feel more relaxed, even though my brain can be going a million miles an hour thinking about what I just created! 

How do you nourish yourself? I'd love to hear your thoughts on finding moments to reconnect and find inspiration.