Nature's angels

I showed the paintings to my friend, and she loved them all, but there was one that she knew immediately was "the one". 

She said the colors, the vibe, the #4 (can you see it?) All spoke to her in a way that felt just right. I'm so glad she chose this painting, as it was the one I liked the best! It was also hard to let go, because this flutter resonated deeply with me too.

The other paintings are below (I was able to eliminate the #4 by some creative paint-over techniques :)


All of these are available on my website. If you miss out on the original, reproductions are always an option! Please let me know if you have questions or need guidance on choosing. As always, thank you for supporting me on this artist journey!

Butterflies are nature's angels, they remind us what a gift it is to be alive.

~Robyn Nola