A studio refresh for 2024

The walls got a fresh coat of Sherwin Williams "French Gray" My walls were white before, but the gray is soothing and make the art pop off the walls. I also moved work areas and purged lots of stuff. I moved my watercolor table closer to the window that gets morning sunlight. And, I scored a Mabef artist easel off Facebook Marketplace for $150! I'm completely over the moon to finally have an H-frame easel. 🙌

My plan is to separate my oil painting from acrylic painting by setting up two stations in the studio. The shape of my studio is long and narrow, but has lots of nooks to create distinct areas. I sometimes dream of a large spacious studio with tons of light, but for now I'll make due with this cozy, asymmetrical space that allows me to escape into my creativity no matter what.

As you can see, I have several paintings in the works, including more figurative work. I can't wait to see where these take me in the coming months!